Thursday, November 28

I love Thanksgiving. For me its sole purpose is to spend time with those I love while eating delicious food and taking the time to think through everything in my life that I am thankful for. What more could you want?

I am so deeply thankful for everyone that has helped guide me through this crazy life. The ones who have both made me cackle with joy and given a tough love shove when deserved.

There are times when I walk down the street and am overwhelmed to the point of tears (yes, I'm a very emotional gal) because I'm so beyond happy to have reached this point in my life. Sometimes I wonder what my 10-year old self would think if she knew what I was doing now, about how I was spending my time, what dreams I was chasing. And I think she'd be SO proud. And I love that. It makes it all worth it in a way.

I am so incredibly grateful for my family, my best friend and main squeeze Trevor, new and old friends, dreams that are worth risking everything for, a God who is always there to give me a window of opportunity even when I don't deserve one.

I'm spending Thanksgiving with my dad at his house in St. Louis... a day filled with crisp neighborhood walks, delicious food, old Bob Dylan records, cat naps in the sun, and drinking games down the street at the neighbor's.

Happy Thanksgiving
 from my family to yours

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