Friday, November 29

... this here would be my work station, from me to you!

I'm writing this from a couch tucked away in a gigantic mall -- "borrowing" the Apple store wifi, trying to stay awake, shopping bags strewn on the ground, waiting for my dad to swing by after work.

I'm exhausted.

For the last three years, every Black Friday I convince myself that it is a great idea to head to the largest nearby indoor mall and scavenge the racks for deals. And for the last three years, every Black Friday I am left exhausted, deflated, and significantly poorer than when I began.

There are shoppers designed to excel at Black Friday. Competitive, eager, knowledgeable -- they spring from the entry doors as fast as can be and race through the stores, beelining towards the best deals with cut-out coupons in their clenched fists. I, on the other hand, end up hiding behind the racks of clothing, throwing down my bags, and repeating to myself that it will all be okay.

I'm the type of shopper who likes to take my time looking through a store. Ideally a small store, a tiny boutique with very limited options. When I am dropped into an indoor mall with SO many stores and SO many options and SO many people who are finding better deals than I am, well I start to go a little haywire. 30% off! 60% off! 2.78% off! Buy one get one free! Buy one get one 1/2 off! Buy one get one 7/8 off! My eyes get zombified, my hands start shaking, my purse feels extraordinarily heavy. 

After making it through Macy's I escaped into a corner hidden behind racks of large coats and called Trevor (who is back in LA with his family for Thanksgiving) for support. "Take a deep breath". "Walk out of the store". Sometimes that's all I need to hear. 

So I finished up at Macy's, did a couple swing-throughs of other stores, and then walked myself down to the food court to eat myself into a state of comfort. Johnny Rockets... sweet potatoes fries, cheeseburger with bacon and onion rings and barbecue ranch on top, diet coke. Yes please.

And now I'm here -- hiding out from the masses. Please remind me next year that I do not in fact like Black Friday shopping. Please remind me next year that I would much rather be curled up on a couch with a large mug of hot tea, wearing huge wool socks and either reading or knitting. That sounds perfect. 

Sometimes I just need a little reminder.

... the best comfort food...
... just a big ol' Christmas tree, very indoor mall worthy! GET ME OUT OF HERE!

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