Saturday, November 30

Chicago has been frigid lately. I'm talking low teens frigid. Even when I think I'm bundled to the max, the wind finds a little nook of my body I forgot to cover. And we're not even in full-on winter yet! I think this is still considered fall? Yikes. So in order to remember what it felt like to be nice and toasty and warm with the sun on my face here are some pictures from this summer. Every summer my family on my mom's side has a very special reunion on the Jersey shore filled with morning seashell-collecting walks, tanning oil, tennis, and too many goldfish and cheezits (not sure if too many is possible...). This past summer I had a very special guest (Trevor!).
I've included pics of my hotty with a body (and a brain, an amazing personality, a creepy filler laugh, etc etc) because I really miss him. Long distance is extra hard over holidays. And so is not having enough padding in the bank account to pay for a flight to spend Thanksgiving back in CA with said hotty with a body. Maybe next year. Keep posted.

And yes, the pictures are all pretty awkward but so are we. Such is life.

Additional disclaimer -- do not fear, "sunshine" is not a nickname for Trevor, very literally I am perplexed as to where my most favorite sunshine has wandered!

Also, for your added entertainment I've added my "come home already (wet hair don't care)" face. This is what Trevor sees whenever we're apart. Yes, he's a very lucky guy. 

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