Thursday, November 21

Today is Trevor and my ten-month anniversary.

Also, let's just get it out of the way -- I know I look incredibly awkward in the flower holding picture. BUT taking a selfie while holding a glass vase of flowers is more difficult than you'd believe.

And the first pic of the two of us was taken all the way back in June. But it was in Nashville, and it was glorious, and I just love it.

Anyways...... I came home from a long day at work to find the most beautiful bouquet of fall flowers sent by Trevor. Seriously THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. And they smelled so fresh and alive (which is something worth mentioning since all plant life is freezing to death in Chicago right now).

Trevor is the best. It's moments like this where I really see how much I lucked out.

I know ten months might seem trivial. "It's not even on the year mark!" And it's a dating anniversary. "You're not even married!"

BUT being long distance makes you want to make every moment special. Every day seem like a milestone. And why shouldn't it be? 

Also, before Trevor my longest relationship was in 8th grade. One month. So this is ten times that. Mind blown!

So Trevor, here's to the last ten months. And cheers to so many more. Hopefully ones we can enjoy in the same location ;)


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