Sunday, December 1

I'm sorry about this one -- it was the only picture I have of myself from this Thanksgiving trip. Promise this won't be a recurring thing.

I'm waiting to catch the Greyhound to bring me back home to Chicago from St. Louis (yes, the Greyhound... I was sketched out too at first... I'm pretty sure they give all criminals who get out of jail a Greyhound ticket, but don't take my word on that I'm exceptionally gullible and that might just be an urban myth). Well anywho, I'm waiting to head back to Chicago and can't wrap my mind around how fast this Thanksgiving break went. It seems like I just got here on Wednesday. Time is a crazy thing.

I really needed this trip. I love Chicago so much, but I needed some family time. Especially family time that includes barbecue, wine, lazy mornings, and movies.

My favorite moments of this weekend:
||  Racing through the supermarket on the night before Thanksgiving to pick up essentials before it closed (quite seriously, making my dad push me on the shopping cart while he ran -- one of my all-time favorite things to do)
||  Watching the SNL Halloween Special, complemented by a bottle of red wine
||  PIE!
||  Most delicious barbecue at Pappy's Smokehouse -- they have little baby onesies with "Who's Your Pappy?" on the front, debating the creepiness level of getting one now for the future...
||  Chili, Oysters, and Chardonnay from Annie Gun's
||  Seeing the newest 'Hunger Games' at the Moolah Theater -- the theater is amazing, the lower-level seating is all leather sofas and large armchairs, talk about getting all cozied up for a movie -- AND the movie was great! I cried around five times, I'm definitely the target audience -- young, female, emotional
||  Making our own version of "take your twenty-something daughter to work day" and heading over to St. Louis Post-Dispatch where my dad works as a journalist
||  And finally, just being able to be with him!

Also for the record -- "This establishment serves no drinks with little tiny umbrellas" -- this was hanging on a sign in Annie Gun's, one my dad and my favorite restaurants in St. Louis. When I open a restaurant/bar when I'm older and wiser, that is going right on top of the bar too. Done deal!

Now begins that special time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shopping! Ice Skating! Cookies! Mulled Wine! Big Socks! Let's do this thang.

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