Friday, December 13

>> Drafty doors in highly populated coffee shops that never stop opening, especially the ones that have those automatic slowing mechanisms so it takes that much longer for them to close. And then you end up spending the majority of your time in said coffee shop with your eyes glued to that slowing device on top of the door just willing it to close faster with all of your mind power might.
>> President selfies at Nelson Mandela's memorial service. Also fake sign language interpreters. Let's just rule those two out.
>> Noticing the newly formed run in my black tights as soon as I entered the doors of T's work's holiday party... I mean....
>> Microwaving a leftover fig/salami/gouda piece of sandwich heaven that was previously so unbelievably delicious and being super excited to be able to enjoy in that deliciousness again.... and then taking a bite and having it taste uncannily like what one would imagine cheap dog food to taste like... and then forcing oneself to keep eating because it used to taste SO good and you just want it to taste good again, which it never does.
>> Dirty slush that forms after beautiful white snow mixes with Chicago street dirt. Why can't it just stay pretty?

>> T bringing me home ice cold water bottles from work. Ice water is one of my all-time favorite things in this world. Seriously gets me every time.
>> Heating blankets. Turn that baby on before you climb into bed and a night of warm tushes and toes awaits you. The jury might still be out on whether they increase chances of cancer, but jury is definitely not still out on the fact that it is freaking freezing here in Chicago. 
>> Watching the snow fall down outside while sitting inside wrapped in a huge blanket and drinking ginger lemon tea, with a book and knitting on your lap. Can someone say 'perfection'?
>> Hair bows. I haven't worn one since I can remember, but bought a ridiculous red and green one for our ugly Christmas sweater party and want to add it to all of my outfits.
>> Warmed apple cider and fireball whiskey. Speaking of whiskey, I love me some whiskey and ginger beer. But please don't even try to give me whiskey plain or on the rocks. How people drink that is beyond me.
>> How much T loves Kenny G Christmas music.


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  2. Replies
    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I'll be posting them every Friday!

  3. Agreed about a big no to those doors being all drafty. Brrr!!!

    And yay for warm apple cider. I love Starbucks''s so tasty!

    1. Yess! Starbucks' Cider is amazing. My favorite drink from there is definitely the unsweetened iced green tea, it's perfection.