Friday, December 27

 flannel: wet seal // tank top: forever 21 // jeans: j brand // boots: ralph lauren

So I bailed last Friday, but don't worry any longer -- Ban Fan Friday is back! Also, consider this week flannel friday as well. I love flannels, especially when they're cozy and cheap {the two most important C's... beside Christmas}. 

>> Coming in from the outdoors and shocking everything and everyone I touch. Especially when it's the nice woman at Starbucks merely handing me my change. I'm sorry!
>> Minivans that make a "back up" noise {like the one huge trucks make} when in reverse. I mean come on. Please try to be at least a little inconspicuous.
>> People who run outside even in blizzard conditions. Just go inside. Let me keep my excuse for not working out.
>> Random companies that somehow get your address and inundate you with their magazines {outdoorsy clothes // baking goods // bird watching // cheap wine}. I already hate taking out the trash, I don't want more!
>> Finding out that my carefully crafted Christmas cards {filled with cinnamon sticks and candy canes} were too big to be sent as letters, and therefore had to be sent as small parcels... meaning covering the front of the envelopes with huge barcodes and price tags.
>> Awkward outfit posts like this one here. I mean it's a flannel and jeans... Alison, MUST TRY HARDER. 

>> Christmas... This was a pretty easy one. Family, Jesus, pretty lights, huge hugs, delicious goodies, beautiful music, feel good movies. I could go on and on.
>> On that note, Elvis Presley's Christmas Album. Just listen to it.
>> Hot cocoa with a good friend... Long talks, cozy socks, big laughs.
>> Husky golden retriever great pyrenees mix. T and I saw this beautiful pup when we left church and I made him run with me to catch up with the dog and his owner to ask what kind he was. Imagine this... bright blue eyes, golden coat, great pyrenees style fur. He was BEAUTIFUL. The devil on my shoulder made me almost run off with him, but I resisted. No guarantees I'll resist next time though...
>> Fresh snow on the ground and a blue sky above.
>> My mom's white bean chicken chili. Delicious for dinner, even better for a mid-afternoon snack.
>> Salami. Yes. 


  1. cute!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  2. Cute outfit! Also I tagged you in the "confessions of a blogger" post!

  3. You look so great! ;)

  4. Hiya, Alison!

    First off, may I say just how stinkin' adorable you are? Your blog is the bees knees! Love it already - your ban fan had me cracking up and I love your about page, too. I also love flannel and have been known to wear it several (read: nearly every...hehehe!) days a week. You just can't beat the fact that it's a publicly acceptable shirt that feels like a blanket. ;)

    So excited to start keeping up with you via your blog!
    Jessica @

  5. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  6. Look at you identifying your clothes and everything! You will be taking over blogland in no time! We should get a drink sometime and talk shop (ie blogs/improv!)