Thursday, December 26

 {Huge thank you shout out to my amazing and beautiful sister Katherine for letting me photograph her in her new scarf!}

So let's start off by clarifying that I am a huge fan of knitting. It basically runs in my blood -- my mom is a knitting maestro and so are most of my aunts. There's something so relaxing about it {as in you only have to think about the next stitch}, you can do it anywhere {and by anywhere I mean on the couch, in bed, or in moving vehicles when you are the passenger}, and if you use thick enough yarn it goes by surprisingly fast. 

As one of my best friends recently sent me...

Great words of wisdom to live by.

For Christmas this year I was on a fairly tight budget {not quite starving artist status yet, but a little too close for my liking}, so ended up knitting a lot of my presents. One of my favorite pieces I made was a knit collar {could be considered a teeny weeny infinity scarf} for my sister. I didn't follow any instructions {you could say I'm most definitely not the biggest fan of instructions/recipes}, but have compiled what I did for you!

What you'll need:

// scissors
// thread
// pendants (optional)

This is a very simple knitting pattern. For yarn I went on the discount end and chose ivory colored Wool-Ease yarn from Michael's. It's inexpensive, thick, and super soft. What more could you want? With the yarn I used 9mm knitting needles, again opting for the discount Michael's option. I chose straight needles instead of the circular ones because honestly I find that I make less mistakes when I'm using the straight ones {straight and narrow, right?}.

To begin the collar, I cast on thirty stitches and proceeded to use the knit stitch for the entire piece, casting off when it seemed right.... I eyeballed the length, again not a huge fan of directions. You'll end up with a long rectangle. To finish, you just twist the rectangle and sew the ends together, and ta da!

For a final touch I sewed in small, silver "Made With Love" pendants I found at Michael's. They were a huge hit.

Hope you enjoy! And let me know if you have any questions!

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