Tuesday, December 3

{don't you fret, the bag of chips was quickly opened}

I'm leaving bright and early friday morning to visit T in Ann Arbor FOR A WEEK {jalsdkjboiajdsfojsd i'm so freaking excited, in long distance dating terms a week is something to go crazy about} and so have been trying to finish all of the random food I have and had forgotten about. When it comes to cooking, I definitely fall into the category of not trusting myself. I love food so much, that I sometimes underestimate my ability to make it. T has actually helped me conquer that -- he's an awesome cook and always inspires me to get out of my oatmeal/sandwich/powerbar routine. And he's willing to answer all of my slightly stupid kitchen questions.

My very special *homecooked* dinner tonight was a smorgasbord of a whole ton of random. Left-over Chinese takeout rice? Check. Spinach and arugula mix? Check.

The Ingredients:
small container of leftover Chinese takeout rice
can of black beans
handfuls of spinach and arugula mix
half of an onion
dash or two or three of chili powder

Cook it on a pan, and voila! I was also lucky in that I had some exciting extras to add on, namely some leftover chips from Chipotle {the yummiest} and some red wine.

I be living like a queen tonight.

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