Wednesday, December 18

1. Limonata, mmm mmm good. I'm not a huge soda gal, but when I want a little fizz in my day I trust Limonata to do the trick. Also love the bottles. Why drink out of a can when you can drink out of a petite glass bottle?

2. "Born Standing Up" by Steve Martin. Awesome autobiography about Steve Martin's early career as a stand-up comedian... I've read some of his fiction books, but this takes the nonfiction cake. This book has made me respect him so much more as a performer too -- he stood alone as a comedian who was never high or drunk during his shows. He's incredibly intelligent, witty, and well-spoken. And also seems like a genuinely nice guy.

3. Costume parties. Especially parties where it's okay to wear cozy outfits and obnoxious bows in your hair {i.e. ugly christmas sweater party}. My one thing about ugly christmas sweaters is how expensive they've become... I went to Rag Stock to try and find one and these hideous sweaters were being sold at around $50 each. Excuuuuuuse me?

4. Carmex = my lip savior, and often times the only thing I wear on my face besides sunscreen.

5. iO improv theater in Chicago. Went to a free long-form improv show there with my mom and had a blast! Seriously counting down until I start classes there in January. If you've never been, it's such a great way to spend your night. Do it. Trust me.

6. Little people. I mean just look at her...

7. This alpaca knit hat which has so far been my favorite purchase of Winter 2013. AND it's maroon. Alpaca and maroon. What else could a girl want? I mean except for an alpaca and maroon full body sweater jumpsuit. Now that would be ideal.

8. So beautiful and touching. "Ben Nunery's wife Ali died in 2011 after a battle with a rare form of lung cancer. Two years later, Ben and their daughter Olivia decided to move out of the house that he and Ali moved into the day before their wedding. With everything packed up, the house was empty, just like it was on the day they shot their wedding photos. Ben enlisted Ali's sister, photographer Melanie Pace, who their their original set of wedding photos, to shoot a set of new ones." -- Please view the pictures here. 

9. SNL. I'm on a huge kick watching it lately. Been streaming all the old seasons off my mom's netflix account. Thanks mom! SNL is the perfect backdrop for every activity. Laundry! Blogging! Cleaning! {... I need more hobbies}.

10. My mom knit me this scarf {I don't even know if this would be considered a scarf} a few Christmases ago and I haven't put it to good use until moving to Chicago. Now I wear it ALL THE TIME. See the awesome thing about it is it covers a very large portion of my neck and there's no wrapping of it involved. I just slip it over my head and ta da! Since wearing it T has dubbed me "cylinder". Was hoping for something more along the lines of "hour glass", but cylinder will do.

11. A part of my heart is in Texas. I've never lived there and have only visited a couple times, and yet I love it. One day I'll live there on a huge tract of land and I'll perform at night in a small country band and I'll only eat barbecue and I'll develop a Southern twang and my hair will gain volume. Just you wait and see!

12. If you were to look at my recently played songs it would be One Direction's "Story of My Life", over and over and over again. It's just so good. I'm a wee bit embarrassed to admit I've fallen into their trap, but there's nothing I can do. I've been One Directioned.


  1. Loving the knit goodies in your selection. I'm a knitter myself so I really appreciate that kind of stuff. I'm gonna have to look into your fizzy lemon drink! Is it a natural product? Hope you're having a good holiday!

    1. Aw thank you! I've been knitting up a storm this holiday season too! And unfortunately the limonata drink isn't natural, but it is delicious!