Tuesday, December 17

Today I went to an awesome on-camera workshop at Second City led by Matt Miller. It's been awhile since I've done any on-camera work so wanted to freshen up my chops. And wow, so much freshening was needed. The crazy thing about on-camera work is that EVERYTHING is picked up by the camera -- the annoying eye twitch, the awkwardly pursed lips, the shiny forehead. It's all right there for everyone and their aunts to see. Yikes.

The most entertaining activities we did throughout the day was fill out forms on each of the others in the class based on our first impressions. We were all relative strangers so were able to answer truthfully. One of the first comments I received during the class was "wow you look like you're fourteen!"... I turn twenty-three in January...

The stack of forms written about me remains untouched {and turned upside down} on my living room table, but it's time to turn them over. And I've decided to share them with you -- the good and the bad and the what the heck -- entirely unedited. Ones that I got more than once are bolded with the number of times, and not all of the categories got all eleven responses.

Now you don't even need to meet me! You have first impressions right here :)

ANIMAL: cat (4) // koala bear // dog // swan

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: bike (2) // volvo // small SUV // two door sedan // ford focus // vw jetta // "cute car" // "something girly but cool"

COLOR: blue (2) // green (2) // buttercup yellow // red

FILM/TV SERIES: gossip girl (2) // modern family // mean girls // united states of tara // harry potter // american horror story // one tree hill // family lifetime series // abc family sitcom // comedy series

JOB: student (5) // waitress (3) // yoga instructor (2) // receptionist (2) // stage manager // model // candy striper // young musician // school teacher // personal trainer // pet store // advertising // nanny // ice cream shop // orthodontist technician // paralegal // bartender // lifeguard // jewelry shop owner // ultrasound technician // seamstress

HOLIDAY: valentine's day (2) // christmas (2) // prom // fourth of july // thanksgiving // new year's eve

SPORT: yoga // dance // cheerleading // running // volleyball // horseback riding // lacrosse

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT: flute (2) // trumpet

BEVERAGE: water // iced coffee // latte

TREE: maple // willow // palm tree

SPICE: basil // cinnamon // ginger
SNACK: pudding // chips // twizzlers

TIME OF DAY: morning (2)

FABRIC: silk (2)

FANTASY FIGURE: catwoman // fairy

DECADE OR ERA: 2000s // 70s

TOY: cabbage patch kid

BOOK: the giving tree

PLAY: little women

SCENT: lily

CITY: san diego

SONG: gimme shelter {rolling stones}

The abridged version? I come across as a very vanilla, high school young, yoga practicing cat lover. 
I guess it could be worse.

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  1. Hey lady! Thanks for stopping over at my blog yesterday. This was a great post for me to stumble on. Hope you have a great week!