Monday, December 2

{attack of the giant hand and awkward pursed lip smile}

Today started with a full-on snoozebuttonfest. Yes, it was pretty hardcore if I say so myself. My snooze button got lots of action. From that excitement I geared myself up to brave the cold {a surprisingly warm 40ish degrees, so I guess not tooooo cold} and went in to nanny. For the last couple of months I've been part-time nannying for the two most awesome kids R & R, at three and 7 months, respectively. I honestly have so much fun with them -- tons of weird faces, awkward sporty throws, and new characters I get to try out. Didn't exactly see myself doing this when I was at Georgetown, but hey, life throws you curve balls. And at least this is a curve ball that consistently makes me laugh and feel all fuzzy inside, except when the baby poos... everywhere... that makes me feel nauseous. Anywho, today has been really great for a monday. No, really. After work I rambled over to the public library {which is one of my happy places}, and took my sweet time looking around and renewing the three books I already have checked out {I've been busy, k?}. I took a nice long walk home, and am now curled up with a glass of red wine and there was a deliciously made sandwich, but I ate it long ago {yes, it's 6:30 and I'm drinking wine, and yes, I'm a great sandwich maker}, writing this to you and watching reruns of the Colbert Report on TV. As for the rest of my night -- I have a Yoga/Pilates mix class at 8 {it sounds way fancier than it actually is -- I take classes at the nonprofit yoga studio down the street, last two times I've gone in the teacher has been a no show, soooooo we'll see about tonight}; a very special Skype date with a certain special someone with a name starting with T; and a late night rehearsal with my Second City improv ensemble {our first performance is this Thursday... YIKES! Deep breaths, deep breaths}.

I hope you all had a great monday too :)

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