Tuesday, December 10

First, please watch this video – 'It's So Cold in the D' – it’s the most amazingly ridiculous “rap” {I’m not sure whether you can even call this rap} video filmed in Detroit. It’s been seriously wedged in my head for the past five days, and every time it starts to drift away T will start singing it again. So now you're in on it too!


Anywho, this past Friday was T’s work’s holiday party and it was so much fun. T works in the Ann Arbor office of a large tech company, and the holiday party was held at the Detroit Masonic Temple. I came in on the megabus early friday morning, slept through most of the day while T was still at work {I’m one lucky gal}, and then we headed in to the big D to the “RenCen” Marriott to get ready for our big night. The RenCen is a huge conference/hotel/car showroom center that looks straight out of a 1980s scifi film. All it needed was a fleet of claymade hover crafts circling around. Our room overlooked the river separating Detroit from Canada, marking friday as the first time I've ever seen Canada! {I suggested we swim across, but we decided that negative degree water and jail didn’t sound like a great weekend plan.}
I'm a huge stresser, especially when I’m nervous and meeting new people, so T had to come to the rescue multiple times reminding me to breath and telling me I looked beautiful {I swear I wasn’t fishing for compliments ... too much ;)}. We split a taxi with some of his friends who were also staying at the Marriott and enjoyed an insane taxi driver – every time we approached a red light, he would ask whether we saw any cops around and then would blow through it… my type of driver! Also none of the taxi drivers that we encountered used their meters, they all just freeballed their final cost. The drive through Detroit was very sketch, especially around the Masonic Temple, but the Temple itself was gorgeous, and a little haunted/spooky looking, and the party was a blast. Lots of dancing, yummy appetizers, a photobooth filled with holiday dress-up items, and endless drinks.

After the holiday party we hit the town with his friends and headed to MGM Grand. Casinos always depress me {I hate seeing people glued to slot machines}, so we headed upstairs to Ignite, a no-cover bar/club/sushi restaurant, that we quickly discovered catered to a much older clientele. That and the immense pain of wearing 6-inch heels for upwards of six hours {that would be me, not T} led T and I to duck out pretty early and head back to the Marriott.

The next morning we took to the Detroit streets with a group of his friends who were also in "relationship pairings", essentially turning our afternoon into a quadruple date. I had never been on a quadruple date before, but I definitely recommend it. We spent our afternoon ice skating {i.e. T pulling me along on the ice because I wanted to go as fast as possible}, thawing out with hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps, exploring a Christmas craft market, competitively playing lifesize Jenga {is there any other way to play lifesize Jenga??}, and chowing down on some Greek food, opa! {which I thought was "oompa" until this meal}! What a day. It was such a day that I slept the whole way back in the car, providing T with a lovely view of my sleepytime open mouth.  


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    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Have a lovely weekend yourself!