Thursday, December 12

{Quickly let me just say I'm pretty proud of the title. Asquared = Alison Ambrose AND Ann Arbor :) Now that I've successfully bragged about that I'll get on with the post...}

I had work off this week and so was able to spend last friday until today staying with T at his place in Ann Arbor, Michigan {a small midwest campus town -- home to UM (the "big house" in college football), funky craft markets, foodie-approved restaurants, freezing winters, and breweries around every corner}. While he's been at work this week, I get to sleep in and then amble over to my choice of one of the many boutique coffee shops to get in my fill of hot tea // writing // reading // knitting // people watching // fireplace snuggling. After work he meets me wherever I am and then we head out on the town for happy hour drinks // dominoes // cuddles // a movie theater to ourselves // tasty nibbles // whiskey tasting // christmas carols // tree decorating // an ugly christmas sweater party. It's been the most awesome of mid-December treats.
I honestly feel spoiled that I get to spend TEN FULL DAYS with him. It may seem like nothing to most of you, but since we've both moved to our separate cities {granted they're only 4 hours apart}, we've become used to our two nights & two days, max. We haven't had ten days together since June when we went on our post-grad cross-country roadtrip. And while the limited time when we're together inspires us to make the most of it, sometimes all I want is the luxury of curling up together on the couch or in bed and doing absolutely nothing, except maybe eating. I believe that you can learn so much about the other in those moments of everyday and normal, and I really really miss that.

Anyway, one of our biggest days we had this past week besides T's work holiday party was on Tuesday. T had his work "offsite" day with both his 6-person sales team followed by the offsite for the entire office sales team, and his manager let me tag along. I met him at the office after lunch and we drove to Detroit to visit the Motown Museum. I had no idea how many musicians {Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, & so many others} and my favorite songs {'My Girl', 'Sugar Pie Honey Bunch', 'Let's Get It On', 'Stop In The Name of Love', 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine', & soooo many more} came out of this single block in Detroit. It was honestly pretty depressing to see the remnants of this street that produced some of our country's best musical hits surrounded by a city that has become so ravaged by poverty. Driving through Detroit you feel like you're driving through a city that has just come out of a war or natural disaster. Most of the buildings are deserted, whether houses or factories, with their windows either completely missing or boarded up and covered with graffiti taking on a life of its own -- "BANKRUPTCY" "LIES" "CORRUPTION". One of the most striking visuals in Detroit is that of the abandoned and decaying Michigan Central Station -- a domineering and neoclassical train depot built in 1913, it is now filled with graffiti, shattered glass and rubble with most of its windows knocked out. When we drove past it the sun was setting behind and we could see the oranges and reds and yellows of the setting sun through the windowless building. It was urban decay. It was beautiful.

While in Detroit we enjoyed delicious barbecue at Slow's -- baby back ribs // mac n cheese // pulled pork baked beans // coleslaw // sweet potato mash // IPA // severe tummy ache // ouchhhhhhh. After the barbecue we headed over to Detroit's Palace Center to watch a Detroit Pistons vs. Minnesota Timberwolves NBA game {my and T's first ever NBA game}! One of the star players on the Pistons, Greg Monroe, was a year ahead of us at Georgetown and was drafted 7th overall pick during my sophomore year, so it was fun to see him on the court again. The game was really fun, but I was in one of my weird, cyclical anxiety moods {I'm not being funny enough // I'm being antisocial // I'm intruding on T's work event // la de da de da}, which basically wraps me up in those thoughts and refuses to let me out for awhile. After the game {Detroit was clobbered} we were able to go down to the court and shoot a free throw basket which was awesome... except I didn't fully understand where the free throw line was located and took my shot from three feet behind it and barely missed... and I'm secretly {maybe not so secretly} extremely competitive and hate losing... T made his shot :)

I'm currently writing this from Babo, one of my most favorite places in Ann Arbor -- a marketplace with delicious food // coffee // complimentary flavored waters. I'm sipping on lemon & strawberry flavored water and a trilogy kombucha. It's been snowing and snowing and I wish it would snow some more so that I could create a very special snow angel. I'm about to meet T after he gets off work and then we'll be driving back to Chicago in time for my performance tonight at Second City. It's been a whirlwind. And I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Hi babe!! Just stopping by to say you have such a cute personal bloggie!! <3