Monday, January 20

I love Chicago. Seriously, this city is amazing. Delicious food, amazing performance opportunities, relatively cheap living. I have met so many awesome people {yes, most of them are from nebraska} and feel so blessed that I'm able to live here.

But it is stupid cold. Negative forty degree wind chill should just not exist, in any world. Except maybe siberia and the north pole, we'll let them have it. My toes are always in some state of painful freezing regardless of how many wool socks I layer. My lips are always chapped. Cold weather snot has become a constant in my life. Going outside, even if it's just down a block, is now a torturous chore. Let's just put it this way, I've ordered jimmy john's multiple times because they deliver when I would have much preferred chipotle {which is approximately one and a half blocks from my apartment}.

So I'm taking a break. And by I mean we. T and I are jetting off to the sunny shores of cancun this morning to celebrate our one year anniversary!

For the next week I'm going to be MIA -- we've decided to leave laptops behind and just enjoy the time with each other. So if you miss me, just picture me on the beach under the hot sun, double fisting margaritas while simultaneously devouring chips and guacamole and tacos, all the while looking over and seeing my best friend, love, and partner right there beside me. What more could a girl want?

{And yes, those are google searched stock photos, but sometimes in life you have to compromise}

your favorite mamacita


  1. omgosh! You're so lucky! I'm jelly. Have fun!

  2. Enjoy! I'm sure the cold will still be here when you get back ; )

    1. it is DEFINITELY still here! Even worse than before. But the warmth of cancun was too amazing to pass up :)