Friday, January 10

>> Chipped nails. And by this I mean my own. They're always in some stage of chipped. I'm the girl who leaves the nail salon {on the off chance I actually go to a salon} and scratches my nail polish within the first five minutes. I'm also the girl who tries to fix chipped nails by painting over the nail in the same polish. Which is swell and all until I've added twenty layers and my nails droop under the weight.
>> The stairs and front door area of my apartment are beyond slippery. They were painted with latex paint, so when I walk up/down I have to have both hands on the rail, body weight distributed forward {advice from my roomie Jules}, and my butt prepared to take a fall. But you see when I'm running out the door late for work I forget about the precautions and WOOP! I fall. Hard, very hard. I think AHHHHH is closer to the noise I make when I fall, but it's probably laced with more expletives.
>> Getting really excited to workout after not working out for a long, long time and doing two fitness classes in a row, only to be rendered entirely immobile for the following two days because I'm so incredibly sore. I can't even walk anymore. I can only waddle. And it's a very painful waddle.
>> Freezing movie theaters. I mean, come on. Why would they ever have to be so cold?
>> When the temperature drops after a huge snow storm and it all turns to slush. I never thought I'd say it, but I'll take the freezing polar vortex, just please PLEASE get rid of the foot-deep slush.

>> Lunches on my own. Don't get me wrong I love eating with other people, but there's something so foreign and exciting about eating by myself out at a restaurant. I make it a challenge to keep my phone in my purse, and I'm able to enjoy the silence and the people watching, relishing in the luxury of actually taking the time to taste my food.
>> I started my conservatory classes at Second City last night and I'm starting my classes at iO on Saturday! I've been a lost fish without my improv classes. A rotund fish swimming in circles to be exact. My new class is awesome -- love the teacher and the others in my class -- and more than anything I'm just ready to begin. To get the ball rolling and go on to the next step. Impatient much? Yes, yes I am.
>> Spike Jonze's new film "Her". It's bizarre, but I loved that it doesn't lead you into a certain emotion. Most films I go to gear you right into an emotion -- now you're happy, now you're sad, now you're scared -- but this one lets you make of it what you want to make of it.
>> Ten days until T and I leave for CANCUN!! We're going to be celebrating our one year anniversary and thawing out from the wintery hell of the Midwest on the shores of Cancun. If anyone has any advice on where to explore in Cancun, T and I would love it!
>> Going out on the town for a girls night. Shots, pump-up music, stupidly high heels, dancing on tables. Bring it on Friday.


  1. I paint over my chipped nail polish, too. Hehe. :)



  2. Hi from the Better Blogger Network! This is such a cute post, I also paint over my chipped polish...I feel like I can't go more than 1 day without a use in taking it all off and starting over. Am I right?! lol :)

    1. Haha exactly! And love your blog - super cute!

  3. Paris has taught me to love eating alone. I wish there was better café culture here - when I came back to California I was sort of shellshocked at how pushy the waiters were and how loud everybody was.