Tuesday, January 7

I think I'm finally ready to say goodbye to 2013 and so it's time to hop on the blogging bandwagon and write up 2013. So much has happened over the last twelve months {seriously couldn't remember majority of it.. had to look back over social media to try and condense it for this post}, but it's time to put the last year to rest in order to make room for all the promises and opportunities that this coming year will bring. So let's wrap this thing up, blogger style.

>> Trevor and I rang in the New Year in San Francisco and we were both still in the jittery nervous stage because it was our second actual date. He had driven up from LA to spend New Year's with me and we ended up having a blast. So much dancing and champagne at midnight.. the best way to start a new year.
>> I turned twenty two {one full year of being able to play T Swift's "Feeling 22" with no shame} and celebrated with copious amounts of Mexican food and tequila. Basically how I celebrate every birthday.
>> "Officially" {oh how I hate that term} asked out by Trevor on MLK day January 21 {about time} next to the Georgetown Canal after a day of chasing foodtrucks {specifically a very elusive brazilian burrito one that was totally worht it}, walking around the monuments {I was seriously sore the next day}, and watching the sun set at the Jefferson Memorial.

>> Start of Trevor's final college baseball season, complete with many weekends away, 5am morning workouts, and big sweaty post-game hugs. I made him cupcakes with baseball frosting decorations {sometimes I make myself sick} and was so nervous giving them to him I forced the tray in his hands, started screaming at him, and ran up stairs. Sums up how I deal with boys.
>> First Valentine's Day celebrated with a boy instead of group of rowdy and hormonal girlfriends.

>> Final college spring break! Spent the week in Ponte Vedra, FL with two best friends from college, Julia and Ellie. There wasn't too much "raging face", but there was just enough to make it exciting.
>> Trevor meets my grandfather for the first time. This is huge in my book -- my grandfather and I are very close and I knew he would size Trevor up {he approved}.

>> Georgetown Day celebration! Basically a huge campus-wide drinking celebration of all things Georgetown. It's as amazing as it sounds.
>> Luke Bryan concert {with Florida Georgia Line and Thompson Square opening} at UVA with friends. Seriously so much fun.
>> Dedication ceremony of the garden at my grandfather's church to my late Nana, Jeannette Blair Doyle.

>> Graduated from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service with a B.Sc. degree. Four years of amazing friends, the best teachers, and most wonderful of memories. Still hasn't hit me that college is over and done with. I feel like I'm on an endless summer vacation.
>> Flew out to Ponte Vedra, FL with my four best friends from college to celebrate our graduation. Such a perfect way to cap off our time at Georgetown.

>> Went on the best roadtrip with Trevor -- we rented a car in DC and then drove to Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Austin, New Orleans, Charleston, and then back to DC to drop off the car and fly out to Trevor's house in LA. From LA we drove up the state to my home in SF and explored Napa wine country together. It was amazing. I want to go back.
>> Trevor tells me he loves me at The Oasis in Austin, Texas on a beautiful summer night. I cried, he cried, it was awesome.
>> Later in the month I led a high school mission trip to southeast LA through my childhood church. Those mission trips were always my favorite parts of the summer when I was in high school, and I felt so blessed to be able to serve as a leader on one.
>> Trevor turned twenty-three and moved out to Ann Arbor to start his new job!

>> After turning down job offers that depressed me, I took July as a month for me. I lived with my mom, read a ton, and felt more confused every day about where my life was heading.
>> I made a short documentary film on the America's Cup with my dad, which got picked up by the Wall Street Journal and its partner sites -- Saltwater Flying Machines.
>> Spent the Fourth of July in Ann Arbor with Trevor and his work friends.

>> Family beach trip to Ocean City, NJ with Trevor in tow! Our family beach trips to OCNJ are the highlight of my year. It's all the family on my mom's side crammed into a beachside house.
>> Registered for an Improv for Actors class at Second City and then took leap to move out to Chicago. This decision process took about a day. I needed a direction to take my life, signed up for the Second City class, found roommates on Craigslist, and booked my plane ticket out. You can read about my choosing to perform.
>> Moved to Chicago! My mom drove me and my multitude of suitcases out to the SF airport, and Trevor picked me up on the other end in Chicago {he drove out from Ann Arbor after work}. We spent the night at a hotel downtown and then the next morning began moving me in. We had to start from scratch with furniture -- I had nothing. It was quite the adventure, and I loved it all.

>> Thrown into Huskers season shenanigans by living with two Nebraskan gals. Lots of Saturdays spent at Kirkwood donned in various shades of red. GBR!
>> SO much DIY work completed to make my apartment look all pretty {dressers, chalkboards, headboards, oh my!}.
>> Began internship at an independent documentary film production company AND began nannying the insanely loveable R + R.
>> Went back to Georgetown to celebrate Homecoming 2013! 

>> Apple picking adventure in the burbs of Chicago. Snacked on way too many during the picking, but succeeded in making delicious apple pie and cider from the apples.
>> Joined Missio Dei church in Wrigleyville after being introduced to it by my friend Kathleen from Second City.

>> Auditioned and got in to the Second City conservatory program which was HUGE for me!
>> First Chicago snow arrived! Brrrrrrrrrr.
>> I started La Vie Ambrose! It was a long time coming, and finally I just pulled the trigger and began writing. You can read my first post here. Don't judge too harshly!
>> Spent Thanksgiving with my dad in St. Louis and had such a great time. 

>> First performance on stage at Second City with my coached ensemble group, The Jessicas. It was a crazy experience and I had such an amazing time. We had three performances and I was blessed enough to have people I love come to all three. My dad came out for the first; Trevor, my roommates, and a close friend and her boyfriend came out for the second, and my mom flew in for the final one. Also my sister watched all of them through the online feed from London. Felt so incredibly loved.
>> Celebrated Christmas with family in Johnstown, PA. My mom flew in from SF, my sister flew in from London, and aunts and uncles and cousins came in from all over!
>> And finally, I ended the year with a painful bang {a killer kidney infection, which I subsequently killed with a hefty dosage of antibiotics}.

And there you have it. 2013 condensed into a pint-size blog post. On to the next!


  1. Happy new Year!

  2. Love your adorable recap and blog! New follower right herrrrre :)

  3. Oh, Alison! You and Trevor make such a cute couple!!! I loved reading about your journey to performing. Kudos to you for following your dreams. Congrats on The Second City! Improv is hands down the most difficult thing for me - followed by singing!!! - it makes me want to curl up in the corner in the fetal position. I love the stage and I love acting, but I need me that script! HAHA! If I had to do much improv, I'd need a stretcher on hand to haul me off stage left after I passed out!

    We've been working as a family on an outdoor drama for the last four summers and have been asked back for another round in will probably be our last one in these roles, as we are aging out, so it's very bitter sweet. My husband and I met via this troupe 14 years ago! I was NOT one for performing growing up, as I was the most shy person on the face of the planet. Secretly, it was something I wished I was able to wasn't until college that I said, "now or never" and just went for it. Auditioning is still really hard for me, and I don't do it often at all any longer, but there is something very comforting about being on stage.

    Super excited to hear all about your adventures in the new year!

    Bunches of HUGS,
    Being Barlow

    1. Thank you for sharing this!! I LOVE that you perform as a family -- that's one of my dreams. Auditioning is hard for me too, I always feel like it's so dependent on the day I audition and I need to develop more techniques to become consistent. Are you auditioning mainly for theater or on-camera?

    2. Only mug needs to stay far away from a camera! HAHAHA! My youngest has expressed interest in doing some on-camera stuff...we may let him see what he thinks of doing a few really small things this year. We have a collegiate arts school about an hour away that shots lots of indie stuff...very short shoots, etc. Might give those a whirl...something to get his feet wet a bit without going overboard. :)

  4. Amazing pics!! happy new year pretty :)
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    A chic kiss ;)

  5. What a great recap through all the pictures! You are gorgeous girl! Happy 2014! :)
    xo TJ

  6. The cupcake story is so you, I can imagine it exactly haha I love it. Also you and Trevor are the best and so adorable!

  7. LOVE that you vacation in OCNJ (favorite place in the world), and that you took a chance and moved to Chicago. My husband and I are thinking about doing the same thing this coming summer! :) I'd love to live in Lincoln Park or Old Town. :)



    1. You should definitely move out here! It's such an amazing city. I live in Lakeview {right above Lincoln Park} but am looking at both Lincoln Park and Old Town for my next apartment!