Tuesday, January 28

No, my title was not racist. I swear. For T and my one year anniversary we flew down to cancun to soak up the sun, stuff our faces with tacos and guacamole, and explore the trevison way {get it? alison + trevor... I kid, I kid, I promise I'll never use that one again}. But as a warning, things are about to get pretty sappy and photo-drenched.

The trip was wonderful. We stayed at the westin {which we found for super cheap on hotwire} and our room overlooked a beautiful lagoon that opened into the ocean. Our first two days consisted of beach bumming and margarita drinking, watching the sunset from a hidden beach, early morning coffee chats, and exploring the hotel zone area {which is really easy to do because there are safe buses that run all the time up and down the hotel zone and are only $1 a ride}. And have I mentioned the food? Yummmmmm. T and I are both californian born and raised so we have special love for  mexican food. And the food here was amazing {once we got out away from the hotels}.

Our second night in mexico was our one year anniversary -- january 21 -- and we celebrated with chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling wine before our dinner at la habichuela sunset -- a beautiful restaurant with ridiculously delicious food. And they gave us so many freebies. And I love freebies. The waiters ended the night by singing to us and banging together check books {which ended up sounding like fireworks}. We capped off the night with coronas and lime at our hotel's rooftop bar overlooking the crashing waves below. What a night.

The next {and my favorite} day we had a lazy morning and then took a ferry over to Isla Mujeres, an island close by. We got haggled by the ferry people and ended up on the super sketchy boat instead of the beautiful new fleet of ferries down the block, but after forty minutes of queasy rockin and rollin we arrived to a beautiful island that reminded us we were actually in another country. This day was my favorite because we had no agenda, no map, no time limit, and I was able to carry an adventure backpack. We relaxed with sol beers and then walked and walked and walked -- exploring each mile of the seven-mile island, stopping for sidewalk carnitas tacos, climbing oceanside boulders, and watching the sun set with our toes buried in the sand. Yes, our feet were covered with blisters by the end of the day, and yes we missed our ferry back, but oh it was SO worth it.

After getting back into cancun from isla mujeres, we headed straight downtown and explored even more. Favorite part you ask? CHURROS! And a cat that followed us that we promptly named don quixote, que for short. And then because we hadn't yet had our guacamole fix for the night, we bused over to blue geico, a delicious outside restaurant/bar we had happened upon by chance the first day and which turned out to be owned by a couple from plano, texas. Of course. #lonestar

And then we had to leave. Our flight was at 2, so T and I woke up at 7 that last morning in order to get down to the beach as early as possible. The sun was covered by clouds upon clouds, but we curled up under the beach towels, drifting in and out of blissful oceanside sleep.

I was mad about leaving, really really mad. The thought of going from 80 degrees to negative digits was just the worst. Being in mexico made me realize how much the winter affects my mood. The cold and the wind and the snow get under my skin. Under the warm sun I wanted to explore and dance and try new things. I need to find a way to bring those same desires to my current chilly predicament. Let me know if you have suggestions!

I'm not sure how to end this post. I've been putting off writing it because I don't want to let it go. I want to still be there, to still feel the warm sun on my back and to be able to walk barefoot without my toes turning purple. So I guess I'll end it with this -- this last year of being with T has pushed me to become a better person in so many ways. I'm incredibly grateful and blessed to have him in my life. Ans I can't wait for the many more years to come.


  1. It looks like you had an amazing time, I'm quite jealous! I've never been there before but it looks beautiful.

  2. It sounds amazing! I'm so jealous!

  3. How beautiful! What a great way to celebrate. I'm very jealous as I'm sitting under blankets hating the added snow I got today.