Monday, January 27

So you might have noticed, but I've been MIA. An amazing combination of my twenty-third birthday, a one year anniversary, and vacation in cancun dragged me out of the blogging loop. But I'm back! Maybe it just took negative forty degree weather to get me back in the blogging game. Next time maybe try eighty degree weather instead though?

Let me catch you up. Celebrating T and my one year anniversary in cancun was amazing. Lows of eighty, a seven-mile walking adventure, and delicious food. But I'll give you all the details tomorrow with a special cancun post. So don't you worry.

But let's get back to this weekend... which was one of those awesome weekends filled with so many wonderful moments that it's hard to believe it was only one weekend. One that almost makes you forget you're stuck in a hellish winter. Almost.

We flew back in from cancun on thursday night and drove straight from the airport to my improv class at second city, ending the night with drinks and buffalo chicken mac n'cheese {yes, it tastes just as scrumptious as it sounds} across the street at corcoran's with friends from class. Friday started off as it normally does -- T went in to work at his company's chicago office and I spent the day nannying. But at the end of the day things took a turn for the crazy when the family I nanny for gave me their four season tickets to that night's chicago bulls game........ tickets that turned out to be front row on the court {#nannyperks}. I ran home -- rallying T and my roommate McRae on the way. Watching the game from the court for my first bulls game was so freaking cool. It finally clicked how massive basketball players really are, and more importantly I just felt super, SUPER legit.

top: urban outfitters // belt: american eagle // jeans: j brand // booties: urban outfitters

After the game we headed over to wicker park to get drinks and tacos at one of my most favorite places in chicago {even though the wait time is always a slight buzz kill} -- big star. It's amazing. Their el pescado tacos are even beyond amazing. And it also reminds me of austin which significantly adds to why it makes me so happy. Because austin is austin. And austin copy cats are still pretty cool.

Saturday got off to a slow start {thank you tequila hangovers}, but breakfast/lunch at chicago bagel authority quickly turned things around. Bagels have a way of doing that. Later T and I headed down to lakeshore path by lake michigan to walk around {this winter I keep forgetting I live near the water}. This idea sounded much better in my mind -- it was freezing. Our "walk" was more of a leg stretch, and we quickly bailed to find heat. It's crazy to think that this same lakeshore path will be flooded with frolicking people during the spring/summer. That what is now barren ice will become the stomping ground of tanners and beach volleyball aficionados. Bring it on.

Later saturday night T and I grabbed more mexican food {I've concluded I can never eat too much mexican food} at flaco's tacos in wrigleyville, I headed to my improv class at iO, and then afterwards we met up with some friends for my roommate Georgie's birthday at piece brewery and pizzeria in wicker park...... for live band karaoke..... yes, LIVE BAND KARAOKE. Now let me just start by saying I love to perform. It gives me a rush and a high like no other. I'm that obnoxious girl that pushes others out of the way to climb onto a stage. And while sometimes I need to be dragged onstage or manipulated into signing up on lists like, say live band karaoke lists, once I'm on stage I go nuts. I ended up singing 'I want you to want me' by cheap trick with a girl friend. It was amazing. We had a live band behind us, we each were given our own mics, and we danced and danced and danced. There was also some {a lot} of hair whipping involved. And the robot, once or twice.

{And no, I didn't blur her face out. It happened like that. I promise}

Sunday was a tad more tame with a skype call with my grandfather and sister in the morning, a great sermon at church, steak and eggs brunch at crosby's kitchen, a lazy nap, and then the grammy's {which was ridiculous and deserves its own post.... I mean ll cool j...}.

All in all, this weekend was amazing and I needed it. It was rough coming back from cancun to the arctic that is chicago. Really, really rough. I don't do seasons well {screams the inner californian in me} and it was hard to be reminded what warmth feels like and then to have to try and forget so that I'd be okay with the cold. Let's just say, I'm really happy with how this weekend turned out, and it's gotten me excited about what other fun things I can do during the rest of this winter.


  1. wow you were a busy bee! I can't believe you got those tickets - that's awesome nanny perks indeed! Can't wait to read about your trip, I've never been there before and would maybe like to go sometime if you liked it.

    1. You should definitely go! I loved it. I'm at work now, but the cancun post will be up later tonight :)

  2. Happy belated birthday and anniversary! I went to Cancun in May and absolutely LOVED it so I have no doubt your trip was excellent!! :)

    I could live off of Mexican food... my oh my yum.

    1. Thank you!! And right?? It was so awesome. I could definitely live off Mexican food too. Might get a little rotund, but that's just the way it is...