Saturday, January 18

Full disclosure ... I've always been an awkward birthday girl.

-- For my sweet sixteen I threw myself a surprise party. As in I created and sent out all the invitations, decorated my house, set up the drinks and food, and then went out to dinner with my grandma so that I could walk in around 9:15 with a perfectly practiced "I'm so surprised!" face. I'm pretty sure all my friends knew, but they felt too sorry for me to say anything.

-- I've never been a fan of birthday cakes or frosting, so for every birthday starting when I was able to verbalize my own decisions I've had apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream. No exceptions.

-- Opening presents stresses me out like no other. I'm filled with overwhelming anxiety and fear that I won't look happy/pleased/excited enough after seeing the present. And so instead of looking happy or even neutral, I always end up looking deeply pained and uncomfortable.

-- I'm a firm believer that a birthday is not a true birthday without Mexican food and tequila. Also a sombrero. On my birthday political correctness goes straight out the mamacita window.

-- I word vomit that it's my birthday to everyone I see. Whether I know them or not. It get extremely awkward for everyone involved.

But I feel good about the year 23. I rang it in with a group of my girl friends here in Chicago, donning our party dresses and dancing {and eating} up a storm. T drove in late last night and was at my apartment to meet me when I returned {stumbled back} from the final bar {can someone say 'boyfriend booty call??'}. He and I are going to have our own special birthday celebration this sunday night and then we head off to cancun on monday to celebrate both my birthday AND our one year anniversary! Yikes.

Who knows what the year of twenty-three will bring. But whatever it is, I'm ready.
I mean as long as it's good...


  1. Just found your blog and love it. We're very similar and I'll be turning 23 in 2 months. Happy be-lated birthday! I hope you had a great time.

    I HATE opening gifts in front of other people. Man, my anxiety is always through the roof!!! Ugh.

  2. Happy 23rd, Alison!!! Hope this year is the BEST!!!

    Being Barlow

  3. That sweet sixteen was awesome. Wish I could've joined in the festivities...I am always a fan of Mexican food, tequila, and sombreros.