Monday, February 17

This long weekend {thank you mr. presidents} has been amazing, filled with so many moments of love and laughter and peace. You know those moments? When you look around and are so incredibly overwhelmed by gratitude. Gratitude for having met amazing friends since moving to chicago, gratitude for having T in my life, gratitude for the opportunity to follow my dreams in such an amazing city, and gratitude for a family that supports me through it all.

T came in to town from ann arbor on thursday, and on friday T and I celebrated our second valentines day. He left early to go to work and since I had the day off {nanny perks} I got to work putting together some valentines day surprises. When he got back from work I surprised him with a small picnic set-up in my bedroom- blanket and pillows laid on the floor, candles, a bottle of pinot, a plateful of dark chocolate sweets from a delicious bakery down the street, and the 'parisian cafe' pandora station playing. It was simple, but it was all we needed. Later that night we headed out on the town for dinner in the river north area of chicago at the boarding house. It was a fixed menu and was so delicious. Our table looked over the rest of the restaurant and was secluded enough to make it seem like it was just us there. I almost had to have T carry me out to the cab after dinner because I was so full, but oh it was so worth it.

The rest of the weekend included al pastor burgers and truffle fries at Big & Little's, an improv performance I was in at second city {my improv group the jessicas opened for twisty, a house ensemble team}, whiskey drinks in old town, trying out park community church in river north, the most delicious of brunches at the bongo room in wicker park, lots and lots of olympics, and deep dish pizza, beer, friends, and cards against humanity at guthrie's tavern. The best of the best. 

Happy monday you guys :)


  1. Oh my gosh, you guys are so cute!! I love that you had the picnic set-up in your bedroom - those are the times you will always remember together :)

  2. That picnic idea is so adorable! And that food looks bangin, like all of it!

  3. Looks like a blast of a weekend!

  4. UGH More chocolate covered strawberries! I just saw some one another blog I was reading haha. Delish!!!
    Just wanted to say hi as your newest follower. Hope you'll stop by mine and follow along too!.
    Did you say you live in Chicago? I lived there for a year with my husband (fiancé at the time).
    - Christina

  5. Yum. This post made me hungry! So happy you had a wonderful V-day and long weekend!

  6. This looks like the absolute best weekend. And is that Guess Who you are playing? :)
    xo TJ


  7. YES for good weekends! that hamburger made me drool a little!