Friday, February 7

>> When you end up walking really close behind someone else on the sidewalk on a quiet street, but you're not walking fast enough to pass them. So it's just the two of you, one after the other, walking and walking. Eventually it gets to be too much for me so I run/walk around them to get ahead.
>> Jealousy arising from fact that T is going back to Georgetown {it's the baseball team's first pitch fundraising dinner} and I wasn't able to go because of scheduling and cost. I miss college.
>> Clogged toilets. Enough said.
>> Having plans to go out {shows, drinks, dinner} and then canceling those plans after looking outside and seeing a snow blizzard taking place. Do I feel lazy? Yes. Was it worth it? Maybe.
>> Student loans.

>> Sunshine. Even when it's freezing outside, the best is being able to find that one little corner of the train station which has direct access to the sun and then just standing right there in that corner, soaking it all up.
>> I've been really lucky with meeting new people and I've loved it. I meet most new friends through my classes at second city and iO, but I've also met a lot through my roommates. I was worried that after college it would be rough making new friends, but I've definitely lucked out.
>> My church, Missio Dei. The first time I went was with my friend, Kathleen, who I know through improv. I've been going every Sunday since. It's a super loving community with a non-watered down celebration of the Lord. And the music is always amazing. I just feel really grateful that I was able to join such a great community.
>> I'm performing as part of an improv ensemble every thursday night at second city's skybox theater -- and our first performance last night went really well!
>> Tea. I like it green and black and herbal and mate and every other which way.


  1. Can we all ban student loans. I would appreciate that too! && yay for tea!

  2. I hate it when someone is walking in front of me. It's just so awkward. Sometimes I just stop for a while and look for something in my bag, so that I can walk alone again. Wow, I'm weird.

    1. Hahah I've definitely done that too. I'm weird too.

  3. This is a fun segment! I totally had that sidewalk moment while trying to catch a broadway show with a group of friends. We were frantically speed walking through downtown New Orleans and got stuck behind this slow couple just strolling down the street. So for some reason I saw it fit to do a little jig behind them because they were so slow and my group laughed. The couple noticed us and I got to speed past them. I suggest dancing next time LOL. PS I'm drinking some green tea right now yum!

    1. I'll have to try that! And so jealous both that you were heading to a Broadway show and also that you were in new Orleans. That sounds like an aweskme combo!

  4. "Having plans to go out {shows, drinks, dinner} and then canceling those plans after looking outside and seeing a snow blizzard taking place. Do I feel lazy? Yes. Was it worth it? Maybe." I can definitely relate to this - i'm in minneapolis and the consistent cold weather and snow is making me want to cuddle in and make bbq (all types of comfort food, actually) until that sun starts coming back :)

  5. It is such a blessing to have such a great church family! I am grateful for mine as well. :)

    Also, I know what you mean about that awkward walking-too-close-to-someone thing because you can't pass them without trotting by. I definitely still do the awkward, skirt around them quickly and pretend like I always speed walk, ha!