Tuesday, February 4

If it was warm outside...

My room would always be clean.

I'd be as cellulite-free as I was when I was rocking age 6.

There would be no such thing as blogging slumps.

I would work out. Every day.

My work wouldn't feel insanely tedious.

My bank account would reverse its current trend and begin to accumulate.

I'd always appreciate my family and friends.

The household juicer would actually get used.

My skin would be an even golden brown.

I'd spend money on events and activities and new bars/restaurants instead of going to chipotle multiple times a week.

I'd stop being passive aggressive.

On weekends I would explore everywhere and everything.

Hair roots would never show.

I would remember names.

I'd join {and kickass on} a beach volleyball league.

The sketches I'm writing would be finished and mindblowingly amazing.

I'd remember to text people back.

The tv remote would gather dust, except I'd dust everything so it wouldn't actually.

None of my clothes would have holes or loose threads.

The books that are stockpiling at the end of my bed would be read.

I'd stop fearing failure and inadequacy.

I would never miss wearing boots/hats/coats. 

... or maybe not. Maybe I'd just be a little warmer. Wear a couple less layers. But we'll never know until it's warm again. So for freak's sake chicago, bring back the sun.


  1. It's winter here in Canada. Hi Alison!

  2. As about a couple inches of ice have fallen in the past few hours all I can say is come on warm! We need you!

    1. Maybe if we both hope for it, it'll come sooner!

  3. tan skin, please! and my bank account would also appreciate warmer weather. I swear shopping is the only thing to do in the winter.

    1. Yes! Shopping and eating. My new favorite hobbies...

  4. I loved this. It's just what I needed to hear today, that I'm not alone in feeling like this winter is interminable. I live in northeastern North Dakota--where winter never ends. (I wish I was kidding.) Anyway, I just stumbled upon your blog today and thought I should tell you how much I like it.

    Stay warm and God bless! Winter will be over soon...we're almost there...

    Heidi Jo

  5. I've never been to North Dakota but I've heard it's freeeezing! Stay warm! And I'm so happy you came across my blog! Just checked yours out too and it's awesome -- can't wait to keep reading.

  6. HAHA! This was so fun. I was so glad to see the sun come out here in Alabama today for the first time in a while and actually had the chance to run outdoors instead of a treadmill and was extremely happy about it! I feel the same way about this cold weather!