Thursday, February 6

I created my blog in an attempt to record my life as it seems to be whizzing by. I wanted to preserve this period in some way, and this seemed like the perfect outlet. About a week ago I received two emails from two lady bloggers -- Brittany at Brittany xo Leigh and Tiffany at The Fit Knitter -- nominating me to participate in the Liebster Award. I had no idea what it was, but turns out it's basically an awesome way for bloggers who are just starting out {ahem, yours truly} to connect with each other and recognize others for the work they're doing. Each nominator nominates eleven bloggers with under 200 followers and gives them eleven questions to answer, and this goes on and on for each one.

Without further adieu...

Because I was nominated by two bloggers, I've picked my favorite 11 from their combined lists

1. Would you ever go on a reality show? If yes, which one?
Yes -- Amazing Race! I think that would be such an incredible opportunity to see the world. I keep switching between people I would want to go on it with {right now pretty close tie between my sister and T}. I used to want to go on Real World, but my mom had to remind me, "Alison, you would definitely end up being the drunk girl in the hot tub". Valid point, mom.

2. What was your worst date ever?
I was back in San Francisco over the summer between my junior and senior years of college, and had been introduced to a guy, Cameron, through one of my guy friends from school. Cameron went to UW and was in SF as a trader for the summer. I liked that he was ambitious. And that's basically it. He took me to a cool restaurant in the marina district and 1) never stopped talking about himself and the future money he would make, 2) checked out every girl who walked past, and 3) judged that I ordered the pulled pork sliders. Three strikes and you're outtttt.

3. What is your favorite breakfast food?
Eggs benedict with a side of potatoes is my all-time favorite. One of my favorite brunch restaurants in chicago is crosby's kitchen and every week they have a new eggs benedict special. My favorites so far have been one with avocado and smoked salmon and another with barbecue pulled pork and crispy onions. But on regular days I'm a creature of habit and have my old fashioned oatmeal with peanut butter {thanks to my roommate McRae}, raisins, and almonds. 

4. What is your favorite part about being a blogger?
I love coming across new blogs from people all over the world. I also love that blogging encourages me take more pictures, write down thoughts/memories/ideas, and attempt to be craftier.

5. What was your most impulsive buy ever? 
A DVF black silk romper my sophomore year of high school. It was wayyy out of my price range. But I still wear it today. Still deciding whether it was worth it. 

6. What is your favorite blog post you’ve ever written?
Choosing to Perform. It's my favorite because I had been thinking all those thoughts for awhile, and having a blog provided me with the perfect outlet.

7. Do you prefer the gym or great outdoors for your exercise?

This is hard. I love gyms for exercise classes {pilates, kickboxing, yoga}, but am also a huge outdoors walker and that's where I get most of my exercise. 

8. When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging in november 2013 because I've always been a memory hoarder and I wanted a place I could record all of the changes and moments of my life.

9. What does your name mean in the urban dictionary? (just pick the one you want to go with)

"Alison: The most beautiful girl ever seen by anyone ever. From the moment she is seen you will love her. She is funny, smart, fun. If you dont love her, you are gay (even if your a girl). When ever she smiles or laughs your heart melts a little. When you make her happy, you feel as if your goal in life has been fulfilled. She. Is. Perfect.
Gay guy: Did you see that girl? She makes me want to be straight. Definately an Alison.
Straight guy: (incoherant babbling)"
... Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Thanks urban dictionary.

10. What’s your favorite thing about the stage of life you are in right now?

I love that I have the freedom and resources to follow my dreams. I'm doing what I love, constantly meeting new and wonderful people, and taking risks. Sometimes it's scary to not have everything written down in stone, but then I remember how lucky I am.

11. Where do you get your inspiration?

 It's hard to narrow it down. But my top places -- walking, reading, listening. 

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1. Who would be your dream actor/actress to play you in a movie? Who do you think would actually play you?
2. What was a profession you used to want to be, but are not now?
3. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and for how long?
4. If you could pick one reality show to be on, what would it be?
5. Why did you start blogging? Has it turned out to be what you expected?
6. What is your favorite movie you've seen this year?
7. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would the person be?
8. What was your clique growing up?
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10. What's the best date you've ever been on?
11. If you could live one day over again, what day would it be?


  1. How rude about that Cameron guy! I never liked that name anyways ;)
    Dying at that urban dictionary definition. That is great!

    1. Haha! Total jerk. And loving the urban dictionary definition too. I wish it were all true...

  2. I love Eggs Benedict! I swear its the hollandaise sauce that just makes it so flippin good!

    1. The hollandaise sauce is the best -- I never understand people who ask for it without the sauce..

  3. Yay! This was so exciting to read and get to know you better! Eggs benedict with avocado and smoked salmon, yum!

  4. Thanks for this :) I look forward to answering my questions!

    1. My answers are up! Thanks again :)

  5. Thank you for including me! I will also look forward to answering my questions and checking out the other blogs you have listed. Also...LOVED your post on Choosing to Perform! I love dreamers!

    1. Thank you!! I love your blog and was so happy to be able to put it out there

  6. I would love someone to nominate me =( Congrats ! love ur blog =)
    your blog buddy
    Simply Sutter

    1. Ah I wish I could've nominated you too! I love your blog!

    2. Thanks Alison hope all is well :)