Tuesday, February 11

Valentine's day is friday... "yikes", says majority of american females. Do they even celebrate valentine's day in other countries? I have no idea. But anywho, vday is friday and if you're like me you're borderline broke but don't want to part with all worldly happiness. So what's the solution? Cards. Make lots of cards.

This year I wanted to be extra cost-effective so I shied away from all things paper source and hit up michael's instead. Tip: go the week of the holiday to get everything way marked down. Heart ribbon that's 50% off?? Um yes please. Also I lied about staying away from paper source entirely... their catalog came in the mail and I ended up cutting out images of their vday cards to use in my own. So I guess mine weren't entirely handmade, but who's going to tell? 

Anyway I'm still working out details for my vday present to T and don't want to give anything away because he reads this little blog {hi T}, but I'll share all of that after friday. Last year was my first valentine's day that was actually romantic. Before then I had some amazing valentine's days celebrated with my girlfriends. Lots of wine, sangria, delicious food, and dark chocolate. I was terrified before our big valentine's day last year. Well it wasn't actually on valentine's day because T was out of town for baseball, but it was close enough. I had surprisingly found the perfect dress at zara the day before {I'm usually never able to find great dresses right before a big event... too much pressure}, but when the night came I was so so nervous. I was still getting ready when he rang the doorbell so my roommate let him in and sat with him downstairs in the living room. When I was finally ready I walked down the stairs, pleading with myself not to throw up, and saw him standing there with a huge bouquet of beautiful red roses. The night was amazing. He had kept the restaurant we were going to a surprise and it ended up being an amazing steak house in downtown DC. After dinner we headed to a cocktail lounge that specialized in chocolate dessert cocktails. I was stuffed from the steak dinner, but I'm not one to resist chocolate, especially when it's accompanied by alcohol. It was the best first romantic valentine's day that I could have ever asked for.

And I'll leave you with that. Hope you all are having a great Tuesday. I for one had to take a sick day as a result of a pretty aggressive and persistent cold and kept myself busy with a criminals minds marathon and the olympics. Not too romantic, but it's not friday yet so I get a pass.


  1. Your cards look great! I found my self in the same situation as you - broke! So I am making my boyfriends present this year.Thankfully it is almost done, but gee Vday is approaching fast!

  2. Yay to homemade Valentines!! Yours look adorable and sure to spread cheer!

    I was excited this year to make some with my son because he's 21 months old and REALLY wants to use a salt-shaker. So I cut out hearts and let him paint them, then added glue and let him at it with the glitter shaker. He loved it, but the attention span for painting is so minuscule it took about 4 sessions to get 14 done. But I loved them so much. And doesn't it feel great sending them out??