Friday, March 7

Precision sports are not really my thing. And by not really I mean not at all. Let's just say if I played football I'd be the linebacker {tackle him} and not the quarterback {think and aim and throw}. Regardless of my aptitude for precision sports, I love to bowl. I love the thud the ball makes when it hits the ground and I love that you get to wear a snazzy pair of hipster shoes while you play. It also doesn't hurt that bowling usually involves greasy food and beer. Count me in.

I went bowling last saturday when T was in town with my roommates and had such a great time, even though they didn't let me use the gutters. Chicago was a sleet/snow/rain hell storm outside, but we managed to remain warm and safe indoors with our hipster slippy shoes, IPAs, bowling balls, and photobooth pics.

(don't worry that's not my stomach... it's a belt)


  1. We're trying to get my entire family together to go bowling for my Grandma's birthday. Bowling is such a fun activity, it looks like you had a good time!

  2. Love this post - we often go bowling as a family and what fun it is!