Friday, March 7

 One of my favorite things about performing in chicago is the availability of super inexpensive theaters you can set up your act, regardless of what your act is. This past monday I performed in an improv show with my level 2 conservatory class at second city at Studio BE -- an awesome BYOB theater in lakeview that was only $100 for a two hour "rental". We had split our 12-person class into two separate teams {Butter Tub and Barbie Explosion} and then each team came up with the improv form they wanted to use.
 I was in Butter Tub and we performed an awesome mixture -- we started with a short form game in which we 1) came with a book {ours was the always lovely "Vampire Roadtrip"}, 2) one person got a suggestion from the audience of a number, 3) that person turns to the page number in the book, and then 4) start a short form tag-out game in which the person with the book must only respond with actual text from the book. It's super fun to play, especially if the book is bizarre, and is a great way to get the audience relaxed and in a laughing mood. Our main form comes out of UCB and is usually called "My Fucked Up Family" -- you start by interviewing an audience member about their life/family/relationships/etc, and then start an improv montage taking characters and relationships from the interview as inspiration for your scenes. I loved this form because as soon as you bring an audience member onstage, the rest of the audience is SO much more invested in your scene -- they trust you more, they think you are funnier, and they are reassured that everything is improv. It's an easy way to get the audience on your side from the beginning.

The entire night was ridiculously fun. We had a great turn-out, enjoyed PBRs backstage, and ended the night belting Queen karaoke at Trader Todds. Yes please.


  1. That sounds like so much fun what you get to do! You are so brave to go out there for your dreams!!!

  2. takes a lot of courage to do that! loving your blog, so happy i found it! just followed!